About Me

My name is Morgan Gillard and I am a recent graduate of Indiana University looking for a full-time position in graphic design. I have a background in various aspects of visual communication including graphic design, web design & development, and video/photography. I especially enjoy designing vector artwork for projects like posters, icons, logos or product design.

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interactive and Digital Media in the Media School where I have focused on graphic design, web design and video production. I got a minor in Studio Art through the School of Art & Design where I have also focused heavily on graphic design and typography. I got a minor in Informatics as well to build a background in programming, and have developed skills in a variety of languages.

Beyond my professional interests, I love the sun and exploring the outdoors, and am inspired by anything you might find in the sky. I love camping, hiking, and swimming, and I love food almost as much as I enjoy cooking. I also have a fondness for craft beer and anything that involves friends and fun people.

I love my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana and have lived here for the past 17 years, but I am ready to get out and explore new places and can't wait to see what the future has in store!